Month: June 2014

“The Adventures of the Salamander” game is available to play for free at and on the Google Play store for Android devices…


Kids getting their books signed…

I had a booth at the Wednesday Morning Movie at Classic Cinemas in Fox Lake.

Sheldon the Terrapin makes a surprise visit at my Classic Cinemas event last week!

The Secret Mistake Game

Hey kids! Did you know there’s a special game in the Adventures of the Salamander books? Well, there is! Throughout the stories, there are little hidden mistakes, like in the picture above. See where it says “left,” but the picture it’s talking about is actually on the right? That’s one of them.

See how many of the secret mistakes you can find next time you read “The Adventures of the Salamander.” Whoever finds the most secret mistakes, will win a free digital copy of “Return of the Mirms” when it is ready.

You can post all the secret mistakes in the comments section of this blog! Remember to tell your friends about the books!

Adventures of the Salamander - The Game!

As an artist and illustrator, I try to do lots of different things. About 15 years ago, I started dabbling in game design. Since I was not a programmer, I found a free software called Game Maker, and I learned how to make games using it’s drag and drop menu system. By using this software, I slowly became accustomed to the logic of programming, and I was eventually able to understand more complex gaming engines, like 3D Game Maker and Unity 3D.

For The Adventures of the Salamander, I wanted to make a simple, but fun game that captured the essence of the stories. I wanted this game to be easy enough for anyone to play, but challenging to master. I also wanted it to be something people could play online and on their mobile devices. Since it was not going to be a 3-D game, I decided to look at Game Maker again, I hadn’t used it in several years. Sure enough, Game Maker was still available with a new name, Game Maker Studio, but it worked almost exactly the same as the original version. The great thing about it was that you could export the game for all sorts of different platforms, like iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and more. I opted to use the HTML5 export, so anyone on a computer could play it directly through their browser. I also was able to export to Android devices and publish it on the Google Play store. The Apple App Store is a bit more challenging to get into, so that is still on the backburner.

I hope you’ll try out my game, and let me know what you think. I eventually want to make a game fro each of “The Adventures of the Salamander” stories. This one only covers the first volume, “Escape from Salamander Village.”

Play the game online for free!

Also for Android devices on the Google Play store!

Adventures of the Salamander Coloring Page #1

You can print out this image on standard 8.5 x 11 paper, then use your crayons, markers or watercolors to color it in! Make sure you send us a picture of your finished artwork 🙂 We will post it here for everyone to see!

The Chorlian Battle Fleet

The star and it’s three planets swung into view. Slippy and the others watched as they passed the Limpoo Asteroid Belt and made an arc towards the vicinity of the second planet, Trillak. The strange world they had visited the previous year, quite by accident, lay before them, but they veered off towards a small green moon which hung in orbit around the planet. It was a spectacular sight, it’s blue-green rings glistened in the light from the star Booloo. However, Slippy saw something unusual. Several spaceships were positioned in orbit around Trillak’s disputed moon, Piggle-Paggle-Ding-Dong-Doodle. A Chorlian battle fleet seemed to be aiming their massive guns right at the moon. There were also several space jumpers, the strange saucer shaped devices used by the Trillakians. Another type of space craft was also visible far in the distance, a number of balloon shaped crafts clustered together, also in orbit around Trillak’s beautiful green moon.

Return of the Mirms

This image depicts a scene from the upcoming book “Return of the Mirms,” featuring Slippy the Salamander and all his friends.

“According to the map, the city was named “Broonhaa” and it was inhabited by a strange race of slug-like creatures. They were much larger than earth slugs and had three eye-stalks instead of just the two. They also had arm-like appendages, with hands, which allowed them to operate the machinery upon which their society had been built.

As they landed, Slippy and his friends could see the creatures buzzing around in small, one, two and three seated vehicles. There were hundreds of them, whizzing around the roads and highways that twisted in and around the very tall and complicated buildings of the city, all illuminated by the light of three suns. Strange jingling bells could be heard, in various octaves and tones, from time to time, coming from all directions.

The creatures ignored the rocket and simply focused on their driving, unable or unwilling to stop and take interest in the guests from another world. Slippy was not sure if rockets were a common enough occurrence on Prondo-Habilus II, or if the creatures were simply too busy to care.”