Return of the Mirms

Return of the Mirms

This image depicts a scene from the upcoming book “Return of the Mirms,” featuring Slippy the Salamander and all his friends.

“According to the map, the city was named “Broonhaa” and it was inhabited by a strange race of slug-like creatures. They were much larger than earth slugs and had three eye-stalks instead of just the two. They also had arm-like appendages, with hands, which allowed them to operate the machinery upon which their society had been built.

As they landed, Slippy and his friends could see the creatures buzzing around in small, one, two and three seated vehicles. There were hundreds of them, whizzing around the roads and highways that twisted in and around the very tall and complicated buildings of the city, all illuminated by the light of three suns. Strange jingling bells could be heard, in various octaves and tones, from time to time, coming from all directions.

The creatures ignored the rocket and simply focused on their driving, unable or unwilling to stop and take interest in the guests from another world. Slippy was not sure if rockets were a common enough occurrence on Prondo-Habilus II, or if the creatures were simply too busy to care.”

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