The Chorlian Battle Fleet

The Chorlian Battle Fleet

The star and it’s three planets swung into view. Slippy and the others watched as they passed the Limpoo Asteroid Belt and made an arc towards the vicinity of the second planet, Trillak. The strange world they had visited the previous year, quite by accident, lay before them, but they veered off towards a small green moon which hung in orbit around the planet. It was a spectacular sight, it’s blue-green rings glistened in the light from the star Booloo. However, Slippy saw something unusual. Several spaceships were positioned in orbit around Trillak’s disputed moon, Piggle-Paggle-Ding-Dong-Doodle. A Chorlian battle fleet seemed to be aiming their massive guns right at the moon. There were also several space jumpers, the strange saucer shaped devices used by the Trillakians. Another type of space craft was also visible far in the distance, a number of balloon shaped crafts clustered together, also in orbit around Trillak’s beautiful green moon.

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