Adventures of the Salamander – The Game!

Adventures of the Salamander - The Game!

As an artist and illustrator, I try to do lots of different things. About 15 years ago, I started dabbling in game design. Since I was not a programmer, I found a free software called Game Maker, and I learned how to make games using it’s drag and drop menu system. By using this software, I slowly became accustomed to the logic of programming, and I was eventually able to understand more complex gaming engines, like 3D Game Maker and Unity 3D.

For The Adventures of the Salamander, I wanted to make a simple, but fun game that captured the essence of the stories. I wanted this game to be easy enough for anyone to play, but challenging to master. I also wanted it to be something people could play online and on their mobile devices. Since it was not going to be a 3-D game, I decided to look at Game Maker again, I hadn’t used it in several years. Sure enough, Game Maker was still available with a new name, Game Maker Studio, but it worked almost exactly the same as the original version. The great thing about it was that you could export the game for all sorts of different platforms, like iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and more. I opted to use the HTML5 export, so anyone on a computer could play it directly through their browser. I also was able to export to Android devices and publish it on the Google Play store. The Apple App Store is a bit more challenging to get into, so that is still on the backburner.

I hope you’ll try out my game, and let me know what you think. I eventually want to make a game fro each of “The Adventures of the Salamander” stories. This one only covers the first volume, “Escape from Salamander Village.”

Play the game online for free!

Also for Android devices on the Google Play store!

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