“The Adventures of the Salamander,” is a series of storybooks by Michael Klaus Schmidt, a homeschooling father of five children.

They are whimsical tales of science and science fiction that address many important themes, including good behavior, environmental issues, rocket ships, social justice, giant purple sea monsters, cheese festivals and much more.

The stories are appropriate for multiple age levels thanks to easy-to-read captions for younger kids, as well as a more engaging main story-line for intermediate and advanced readers. With over 500 pages and lots of great illustrations, these books promise many nights of bed-time stories for kids!

Michael Klaus Schmidt is an award winning artist and illustrator. Originally from Germany, but raised in the Chicago area, his work has appeared in shows around the country and internationally, including Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, New Orleans, Saudi Arabia and more.

In the 1990’s, Michael worked as a professional toy designer in Chicago, Illinois. He is a member of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild, and has taught art to children grades K-8. Currently, Michael is working as a freelance artist, illustrator and game-designer.

Check out http://www.adventuresofthesalamander.com for information about buying the books.

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