Return of the Mirms


Return of the Mirms is the sequel to my 2012 book series “The Adventures of the Salamander.” It continues the ongoing story of Slippy the Salamander in a whole new adventure.

“Return of the Mirms” is a sequel, but you won’t need to have read “The Adventures of the Salamander” to enjoy it. The story is exciting, fun, educational, and it’s appropriate for kids of all ages. Like its predecessor, “Return of the Mirms” has a built in reading system. It will have tons of full color illustrations, easy to read captions for younger kids and a detailed main text for more advance readers.  It also has detailed footnotes and several appendices, so it’s like getting many books in one! Kids can read it when they’re young, then revisit the same story again when they’re older!

The story will also focus on many important themes that kids NEED to know about, like good manners, the environment, rocket ships, social justice, giant purple sea monsters, cheese festivals, time travel and much, much more! There are also maps, lots of maps, showing details of each location Slippy visits.

The new story is just about finished. It is, as I mentioned, an awesome epic adventure, which follows Slippy the Salamander to the corners of the earth, the depths of the sea, the reaches of outer space and beyond! There will be over 300 pages, and more than 50 full color illustrations, but don’t get intimidated. The story is divided up into easily digestible chapters so kids will not get overwhelmed.

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The Limpoo Asteroid Belt


“The planet Limpoo was once home to a peaceful race of fuzzy creatures known as Mirms. The Mirms were long lived and very gracious to any who travelled to their world. They had no technology or weapons, but preferred a life of simple farming on their quiet planet.
Neither Trillakians, Grumps, nor the plants of Chorl like to discuss the Mirms and what happened to Limpoo. In fact, the fate of Limpoo is so tragic, it requires a whole detailed explanation, which will follow.”

Excerpt from “The Adventures of the Salamander – Book II – or – Slippy and the Progression of Problematic Predicaments” – Volume 7: To the Ends of the Universe – Appendix 3: Concerning the History of the Boolooian Star System – Under the heading “Limpoo” on page 142